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Initial Idea

I guess I have been thinking about the idea of the Round the World trip for the last 4 years. Prior to my current location of Istanbul, Turkey I used to live in the UK between 2000 - 2006 and as many people travells the world over there, I wanted to do it too. Well, one day anyway...
I have been waiting for the right companion as I did not want to travel the globe alone. I am getting married soon and my future wife also loves the idea of the RTW trip and we have the financial capability (limited but I think will be enough) as well.
However, our problem is that it is not very common in Turkey to travel around the world and therefore there is almost nobody or no travel agents to get information from. I am using the travel help link of the Travellerspoint and it has been a great help so far.
Our route will go from London - South America - Central&North America - Pacific and NZ&Australia - Asia - Africa and Europe. I am planning to write the entire story right from the initial thoughts to the end of our trip.
Following the end of our trip, we would like to set up a business in Turkey to serve people who would like to go somewhere different than the usual places and provide tailor-made holidays.
Any help or suggestion will be appreciated in means of best places to see, economic but safe places to stay, ways of transport especially in South America and Asia.
I will keep you posted with our RTW trip.
Thanks and Regards

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